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The Vision

Afrobeats Oakland is actively reimagining the African + African-American identity within the US.  We are consciously reshaping mainstream thought around African Pop music, fashion, and culture. We strive to create intercultural dialogue surrounding the culture and how we see ourselves in it.


Meet the Founders

Juan G & Asaba

Afrobeats Oakland was co-founded by music specialist/ creative director, Juan G, and production director, Asaba Kugonza, in 2019. Longtime Oakland residents with unique first-generation immigrant backgrounds and a strong vision rooted in both the recognition of Oakland's rich diverse cultural history as well as a desire to move the conversation around arts and music forward.


Juan G has been an active performer and event curator in the bay area for over 15 years, and most recently worked as Head of African Music Programming and Content at Pandora.


Asaba has been an event producer in Oakland since 2013, and spearheaded several prestigious open mic events showcasing local and international talent.

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Community + Culture

Afrobeats Oakland encapsulates not only the diaspora of African culture but of the greater Bay Area. We connect with families, millennials, Gen Z, Boomers - and many more. Our goal is for our community to expand locally, nationally, and globally.

Our uniqueness is our motivation. It’s the #TheAOWay

The AO Famliy


Juan G

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Co-founder & Resident DJ



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Co-Founder & Production Lead



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Brand Manager & Emcee


DJ Tiedye Trippin

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Resident DJ


DJ Koko

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Resident DJ

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