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Afrobeats at the Lake is not just a party, but a movement in connecting with world music.

SF Chronicle

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In the Media

2022 Highlights

A Premier Stage

We had 14 local acts that embodied the spectrum of talent pushing African music forward in and around the Bay Area including: 5 local DJs, 3 dancers, 6 local singers/performers, 3 live musicians. In addition, we also hosted: 3 international DJs and  2 international Singers/ performers.

In the news

For the first time, our founders had the opportunity to discuss the history of Afrobeats at the Lake, the impact it has had in 4 years, and the vision of our marquee event. Check out the article in the "In the Media" section. 

1st Vendor's Village

Featured 40 local artisanal vendors that offered a range of goods and services, generating $50-60K in revenue for small business owners.

Our biggest Crowd to date

8,000+ in attendance.

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Afrobeats at the Lake is representative of an emerging economy creating content at a larger scale, specifically targeting this market within mainstream music and entertainment. Companies like Apple, Netflix, Sony, Twitter and Universal have also identified Africa and its diaspora as the next big consumer market.

Your early support provides an opportunity to build meaningful relationships within the local community and with small businesses, while also investing in their economic growth. Your support demonstrates early cultural buy-in and translates into positive brand association, trust and loyalty from our audience.

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